Solar Electronic Fences

Fences referred to as the device which protects the area by building them surround the area. Solar based electronic fence is the electronic device which gives sharp but safe shock to the person who is touching the fences. Basically the idea behind designing this project is give protection to the particular area against the thefts and animals. The area includes some government areas, forest lands, farms etc. The device consists of the components such as solar panel, regulator, inverter, transformer etc. The solar energy from the sun is converted to the electrical energy which is in the form of unregulated DC voltage. This unregulated DC voltage is regulated using the regulator. This DC
voltage is converted to the AC voltage using the device called inverter. Inverter gives AC signal which has higher voltage and very low current which is sufficient to give shock to the person.

Now the owner has to know that anyone had touched the fences. For that we have solution that when the person touches the fences, small amount of current will change that will sensed by the sensor and the indication will transmitted to the owner by using the wireless protocol.

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Now the additional facility to the owner of the area is that when anyone enters from the main gate he/she will capture by the IR sensor and owner will know that anyone has entered into their area by means of wireless protocol Wi-Fi.


The wireless protocol used in this design is Wi-Fi module ESP8266 which is used to send data from controller to the user’s device. We are using IoT technology for wireless transmission where controller used is Arduino UNO.

System Design

  • Designed to work on solar energy and hence independent of grid power
  • Significantly reduces man-animal conflicts
  • Effective wildlife management tool for park managers
  • Cost effective
  • Can be installed easily
  • Electric fence systems have varied application in Agriculture, Industrial and Forestry or Plantation sectors.
  • With increasing crime in urban areas, this proven technology has now been adapted for domestic security applications too.
  • Industrial: Security Electric Fence systems provide 100% protections against theft, sabotage.
  • The fence systems can also be integrated with other security devices like sirens, flood lights etc.
  • Domestic: The wall top system for residential applications is attractive and ideal for compounds, rooftops, farm houses and apartments.