Solar Air Conditioner

Solar air conditioner also know as solar AC, solar powered AC or hybrid solar air conditioner. It is specially designed with 5 stars rated intelligent air conditioner to be run on solar panel at very economical price in India. This AC works like conventional air conditioner, but this is powered by solar on first priority.
A conventional air conditioner use only electricity grid, where hybrid solar air conditioner has three power options- 1st Solar Power. 2nd Solar Battery Bank. 3rd Electricity grid. “A 1 ton split solar air conditioner costs Rs. 99000 and 1.5 ton solar ac price is Rs. 139000 including solar panel, solar inverter and complete accessories.”
  • On first priority solar AC will be run through solar power.
  • At same time solar panel will charge the solar battery bank.
  • Solar battery bank can be used when sun is not available or when solar panels are not generating electricity.
  • If battery bank is not sufficient to run ac, it will automatically use the electricity from grid.
Hybrid 1 Ton Solar AC

If your room size is in between 80 sq.ft to 120 sq.ft than 1 ton solar AC is best for you. A 1 ton hybrid solar AC comes with great features and specifications.

Hybrid 1.5 Ton Solar AC

A 1.5 ton solar AC is great option for those who have medium or big size rooms between 120 sq.ft to 190 sq.ft.

Technical Specification
Solar air conditioner has all the standard features of normal ac like auto start, turbo cool mode, dry mode, sleep mode, on & off timer, auto clean, speed setting, louver step adjust, night glow button on remote.
Particular Description
Air Filters
Anti Bactria, Vitamin C, Titanium Di-Oxide
Air Flow
4 Way Swing
Panel Display
Remote Control
Noise Levels
W-985, H-270, D-210, Weight-9 KG
Outdoor Dimensions
W-780, H-540, D-260, Weight-30 KG
Quality Standard of Solar AC
The quality of the hybrid solar air conditioner has passed all the government tests and certified with the necessary standard solar certifications. During development we have focused on developing a system which saves energy and low on carbon emission.
Best Quality Compressor
In air conditioner compressor uses most of the electricity. This is why solar air conditioner works on new high efficiency DC MPPT drive and Mitsubishi compressor which provides the required improvements in efficiencies for both cooling and heating operations.
Best in Quality
With the help of our team’s commitment and dedication, we make that sure that system performance and quality are excellent. Each air conditioner power by solar is tested for thermal efficiency of collector and complete system along with performance, usability, safety, reliability, carbon emission, economically, rain water tightness, hail resistance, structural loads.
Working of Solar AC
In Sunny Days:
In the day time when the sky is clear and the day is sunny, then solar air conditioner works by using solar energy assisted by utility grid. Solar power directly flows into the DC inverter air compressor. Solar air conditioner drives 95% electricity of your consumption directly from the solar system.
In Cloudy Days:
When the sky is not clear and it is cloudy outside then air conditioner is powered by both of utility grid and solar energy. Solar power directly flows into the DC air compressor. In cloudy days, solar air conditioner pulls 75% electricity of your consumption from the solar panel.
In Nights:
In the nights, solar hybrid air conditioner is powered by main utility grid alone. The solar system don’t generate the power during the nights.
Battery Backup
When sun is not available and grid electricity is also not available. In this case you have a option of battery backup. Solar ac can be run on solar battery up to 4 hours.