On Grid Solar System

The on-grid solar system also known as grid tie or connected solar system. This is the most cost effective type for solar system compare to off grid and hybrid solar system for electricity saving or reduce bill.

In this solar system, solar inverter converts the DC electricity produced by solar panel into AC electricity. Which can then be used directly at home or business.

If system is producing more power than is being consumed, the surplus is fed into the main electrical grid via solar net metering. At the time of electricity billing government or power provider company will adjust the exported units in your electricity bill.

1kW On Grid System
If your power consumption is around 800 watts/day than 1 KW solar system is best for you. A 1 KW solar system normally generates 4 units per day as an average of 365 days. In this solar system you will get 3 solar panel of 335 watt each. This system is recommended for small families.
2kW On Grid System
A 2 KW solar system can produce up to 8 units per day. For installing 2KW solar system 200 square feet shadow free area is required.
5kW On Grid System
If you are thinking to run your special or heavy load (solar AC, refrigerator, etc.) on solar PV system than 5 KW solar system is best for you. A 5 KW solar system can generate 20 units per day as an average over the year.
10kW On Grid System
10 KW solar grid tie system is best for you, if your daily average consumption is approx. 40 units. To install 10 KW solar system 60 square meter shadow free space is required.